BIG Write
BIG Write

Every Friday, children take part in BIG write. Lessons begin with word, sentence or text level games before we look at the task. Before writing, children are given opportunities to talk about their ideas and plan out what they will write. Children are then given a period of time in which to complete the writing task. Music is played and a candle is lit in order to create an atmosphere for writing. This work is marked thoroughly by teachers and children are given opportunities to edit and improve using polishing pens.

Word of the Week (WOW)

We want to ensure that children leave WJS with a varied vocabulary and introduced WOW to get children interested in our language’s many exciting words. On a weekly basis, a new word is introduced to children in assembly. They then have to try to use the word in their speech and writing. The children have to listen out for their class teacher using it too! We now have a WOW suggestion box (outside 5PD) which is overflowing with interesting words.

Writer of the Month

Each month, to celebrate achievement in writing, teachers nominate a child from their class who has created an excellent piece of writing. The best from each year group is chosen and then four pieces of writing are sent home attached to the newsletter.

VCOP and Toolkits

Our school uses a Toolkit approach that supports our pupils in using the correct tools to succeed. We have a toolkit for both narrative and non-narrative writing.

Click here to view our pupil toolkit for narrative writing

Click here to view our pupil toolkit for non-narrative writing

VCOP is an acronym for Vocabulary - Connectives - Openers - Punctuation. It is an approach used in the school to support pupils in their literacy writing.

Click here to view our school VCOP Pyramid

Assessment Focuses are child-friendly targets that help pupils assess their progress in literacy.

Click here to view the Literacy Assessment Focuses

Presentation Points (PP)

Handwriting remains an important skill at WJS and we encourage every child to think about their presentation, including how they set out their work (titles etc). If we feel they have worked hard at this on a piece of work, children will receive a PP in their book. In their PP Passport, children date and colour in each box until they have achieved the next milestone. At each stage, children are rewarded with either a pencil or a pen.

25 PPs - Star Writer

50 PPs – Bronze Star Writer

75 PPs - Silver Star Writer

100 PPs - Gold Star Writer