Basketball May 2014


A report by basketball coach Mr H Byrne:

From the start of the league, our first game had all the players keen and ready to represent our school. It was many players first time playing competitive basketball for a team. The starting line up was Zak Riabi, Jamal Hakaperri, Abigail Lees and Ellie Ware, with Charlie Musson, Charlie Davies, Chloe Bailey and Ellie Pearce waiting eagerly to come on. The second half saw our willing substitutes come on and secure the game. we had won the first game against Arundel Court A. the final score was Wimborne 22 v 10 Arundel Court A. we had another game straight after the first and had to play with different tactics to allow rest periods for those who needed it more. the score was 12-10 to St. Pauls at half time, but brought it back to 14-18 to win the game. This was our second win in the league! We had beaten St. Pauls.

The next week came around and we were playing our next game for our playoff position. We were hoping to win. We started off well, but so did St. Swithuns, half time loomed and we were tied on 10 points each. After the restart some players found themselves tired and struggling. Soon St. Swithuns were ahead by three baskets, the score was 16-10. with 5 minutes to go we changed the tatics and went all out attack. With Seconds left on the clock we clinched it. The team had won! We were through to the playoffs after winning against St. Swithuns,18-16.

The playoffs were next. In the first game we stormed St Swithuns B winning 26- 8 in a fury of baskets coming from all players on the court. We were unbeaten and heading to the final. this game was what they had worked hard for. The players were ready to face Meon. When the game started, the players had no idea what had hit them. Within the first 5 minutes we were behind by 5 baskets losing 12-2. We started to defend better and started to close the gap on the score line. at half time we were still 3 baskets behind but the score was now 18-12. In the second half Meon hit hard in the first five minutes and scored an amazing 8 baskets putting them comfortably ahead. the score was 34 - 12. We decided to go for the win and not settle for second best and in the last five minutes we closed the gap to only 4 baskets. But sadly... this wasn't enough. Meon were victorious and we had felt defeat for the first time. Even though we lost the game, they had achieved more than they expected of themselves. I am proud of my team, the school are proud of the team and I hope they are proud of themselves for doing so well.

Mr H Byrne

Basketball Coach