Wimborne Junior School Maths     



Maths skills are vital for everyday life and at Wimborne we aim to prepare our pupils for a successful future. Children are taught age-ralted maths by their class teacher, who will support and extend learning where necessary. Teachers follow their half- termly plans, in order to ensure that all of the objectives are covered and the key ones are repeated. At the end of each half-term, our pupils complete an assessment on what they have been taught, in order to identify what they have achieved and identify the next steps for learning. Arithmetic skills are taught daily and assessed fortnightly, in order to ensure that children are operating at age-related expectations. Ongoing formative assessment takes place at all times to aid planning, identify misconceptions and address pupil needs.  Wherever possible, maths lessons are linked to real life skills so learning is purposeful. Teachers make lessons engaging by using a wide range of resources and ICT.


We have also recently introduced - a website where children can log in and complete activities, lessons and homework. This is proving successful with pupils. Please see your class teacher if you do not have access to your MyMaths logon.



How to help your child at home

We really value parental support and appreciate any help you can give your child at home. Supporting them with homework, encouraging them to practice their times tables and playing games such as shut the box or battleships will be beneficial to your child’s learning. There is also a wide selection of maths games which can be played on the internet.