Past Year 3 children Comments

"My favourite part of year 3 was performing our Egyptian dance, as well as our topics 'What's on the Menu?' and 'Chocolate', where we got to taste lots of chocolates! - Briana Maunganidze, 3JH

"My favourite part was learning about what goes in our food in 'What's on the Menu?'! - Rubie Duff, 3WS

"My favourite part of year 3 was going to Butser Hill!" - Soreya Connett, 4KL

"My favourite part of year 3 was making chocolate!" - Clara Scott-Joynt, 4VW

"I loved trying out the chocolate when I was in year 3!" - India Rose-White, 4VW

"My favourite part of year 3 was the topics we learnt about, especially Saving the World because we got to do lots of painting and writing, which was fun!" - Isabelle Bailey, 3NB

"I have really loved Year 3, every second of it! The topics have been great and my favourite was Chocolate. There are lots of cool after-school clubs too. The teachers are kind and friendly, especially Mrs Kircher! I think I will be sad to finish Year 3 but also excited about starting Year 4! WJS rocks!" - Joe Bleach, 3KK

"I love maths in year 3!" - Rhydian Mills, 3KK

"My favourite part was learning about Egyptians, where we wrapped up as a mummy using toilet paper!" - Lili Sharpe, 3SS

Our Chocolate topic was great fun!" - Rhydian Mills, 3KK

"I liked Butser Hill when we got to play in the houses, and also when we made chocolate!" - Ciara, 3NB

"My favourite was going to Butser Hill!" - Tegan Roberts, 3NB

Find out more about Butser Hill here!

"My favourite was eating chocolate in our What's On the Menu topic!" - Ava Wilkinson, 3SS

"My favourite was the Chocolate topic because we got to eat the chocolate!" - Mia Froggat, 3SS

"I loved writing a shape poem!" - Jack Pike, 3KK

"My favourite part was our Chocolate topic!" - Rhydian Mills, 3KK

"I loved our topic Rotten Romans!" - Max Jones, 3NB

"My favourite part was the amazing chocolate making and tasting!" - Jess Ormerod, 5SB

"My favourite part of year 3 was when we did our Egyptian dance!" - Hermoine Troke, 6RB

"My favourite part of year 3 was all of it!" - Isaac Farndell, 4VW