Past Year 4 children Comments

"I liked going to Stubbington because we got to try the delicious Stubbington biscuits dipped in chocolate! I also liked watching the badgers and spending time with my friends." -Jessica Shillingford, 4ST

"I loved INTECH where we took part in loads of fun activities!" - Rhydian Mills, 4ST

"My favourite part was going to Intech Science Centre! In particular I loved going to the gift shop!" - Poppy White, 4KL

"My favourite part was going to Stubbington because I got to stay with all my friends!" - India-Rose White, Year 5

"I loved Stubbington because it had everything!" - Charlie Munt, 4VW

"I loved Stubbington because the staff were funny!" - India-Rose White, 4VW"

"Going to Stubbington, because I liked sharing my bunkbed with Ava!" - Iona Franckeiss, Year 5

"I loved going to Stubbington too because we went to bed late!" - Willow Gray, Year 5

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