SEN School Report - Your Inclusion Team

Your Inclusion Team:

Ms Louisa Rowlands, who can be contacted at the school on 023 9273 3784 or via email -

Working as part of the Senior Management, I work closely with all staff in school, parents, outside agencies and colleagues throughout the city. I have the responsibility of co-ordinating the provision made for individual children with: Special Educational Needs, Social and Emotional Needs, English as an additional language and More Able pupils. Support is available through:

• giving advice on issues related to Special Educational Needs, Social and Emotional difficulties, pupils with English as an additional language and More/Able;

• meeting with parents to discuss any concerns they may have about their child’s development or learning difficulties;

• assessments of individual pupils to identify need;

• referrals may be made to a range of other professionals such as: Educational Psychologist, Speech and Language and Specialist Teacher Advisors in the city.

• I also co-ordinate the provision for Pupil Premium children and ensure they are supported ad challenged across each year group. I co-ordinate Pupil conferencing (Shooting Stars) to set personalised targets for pupils.


Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA): Ms Chantelle Knight

ELSAs are here to support the children in overcoming any difficulties that are getting in the way of their learning. The support each child gets will depend on their individual needs.

• children referred to the ELSAs may have difficulties with: feelings (like anger), making friends, attention and listening skills, social skills, behaviour or home issues;

• children may come out of class to work 1:1 or in a small group with the ELSAs;

• there is very good communication with all staff in school, parents, carers, pupils and outside agencies including: Social Services and the Police;

• as part of their role ELSAs may signpost to other relevant services;

• our ELSAs are also involved in supporting the Headteacher with safeguarding issues, attending Child Protection conferences and monitoring any child on a Child Protection (CP) Plan or Child In Need Plan.

• Elsas are also outside on lunchtimes providing social support for our children, ensuring the inclusion of all children during play and lunch times.

• Elsas are also trained in loss and bereavement as well as support for children with a parent in the forces.

• Ms Knight is also a trained Lego therapist

Pastoral and Family support worker: Mrs Mandy O'Mahony.

Mrs O'Mahony works with children, families and staff to identify and address the needs of individual pupils while promoting liaison between all of those involved with the child and family. Providing practical advice and for staff, parents and carers or families to support the child. She also supports forces children and Pupil Premium children in the classroom.

EAL (English as additional language) Support: Miss Rebecca Dowding.

EAL Support is for designed to give children with English as an additional language to access the curriculum to the same level as all other pupils.


Intervention Team: Mr Jason Webb, Mrs Rebecca Dowding, Mrs Trudy Sargeant, Mr Beau Saunders (Apprentice), Miss Amber Tee (Apprentice), Mrs Carly Newman and Mrs Sharon Lee.


This dedicated team work with children on specific areas of learning need, linked to their 'Star catchers' or targets. They withdraw children from class to work with either 1:1 or in a small group. Their work is also linked to class targets to ensure gaps in learning are filled and rapid progress made.

The Inclusion Team meet regularly with the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher to discuss the ongoing needs of the children.