SEN School Report- Introduction

Wimborne Junior School


For Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)


Wimborne Junior School recognises all its pupils as equal individuals and is committed to developing an inclusive and supportive learning environment that removes barriers to learning and in which all learners achieve their full potential. We are committed to narrowing gaps in attainment between groups of learners and tailoring our provision.


All staff at Wimborne Junior School value the presence, participation and achievement of all its pupils and will work with them, their parents/carers and with other professionals to ensure that they are successful and happy during their time with us. We recognise the diversity of pupils in our school, within the city and country in which we all live and seek to celebrate differences in the curriculum and its delivery. We also promote positive behaviour that supports every child’s enjoyment and achievement at school, as well as good attendance.


Special educational provision is educational or training provision that is additional to or different from that made generally for others of the same age. This means provision that goes beyond the differentiated approaches and learning arrangements normally provided as part of high quality, personalised teaching. It may take the form of additional support from within a setting or require involvement of specialist staff or support services.


Our School has an Inclusion Manager who is responsible for the management of provision and/ or support for identified pupils with SEND. They will also coach and support teachers and other staff to enable them to provide appropriate assessment and focussed provision for children in their class with SEND. 


All teachers are teachers of SEND pupils and as such provide quality first teaching which takes account of the particular individual needs of pupils with SEND within the classroom. Our staff also recieves full Team Teach (de-escalation) training, which also covers positive handling.