Mrs C. Jacobs


Headteacher & Designated Officer for Safeguarding

"Mrs Jacobs is our Headteacher. She is extremely organised! Everyone knows her favourite colour is purple! She started celebration assembly in our school, where we praise the achievements of our children. She is very kind and warmhearted."



Ms L. Rowlands

Deputy Headteacher, Inclusion and Curriculum & Assessment Manager 

"Ms Rowlands is kind-hearted and works hard to achieve special things for us all. She has a great sense of humour which brings a great atmosphere across the whole school!"



Mrs H. Rose

Assistant Headteacher, Year 4 Teacher & English Manager

"Mrs Rose is a very kind and generous teacher. She is also an excellent maths teacher coming up with new ideas for maths to make it fun and educational. The most important thing about her is that she cares about us and our work telling us to do our best and to challenge ourselves."



Mr J. Blakely

Assistant Headteacher, Year 4 Teacher & Maths Manager

"Mr Blakely is a kind, thoughtful teacher who is always jolly. He supports us to create the best piece of work we can possibly do. He encourages us to do well and makes our lessons fun."



Mrs E. Jones

Year 6 Leader & Computing Manager

"Mrs Jones is an amazing teacher because she supports us when we are struggling. She is funny too! She perseveres with her teaching if we are finding work challenging."



Miss G. Hamilton




Year 6 Teacher & PE Manager

"Miss Hamilton is so sporty and makes learning lessons really active, fun and engaging! I've learnt so much from her already and it's only October!"




Mrs S. Lee

 Outdoor Environment Manager

"Mrs Lee knows so much about plants! There are so many different types of veg and fruit in our garden that she's grown with her own hands!"




Mrs K. Loveson

Year 5 Teacher and PE Manager

"Mrs Loveson is a fantastic teacher - she always encourages us to do our best and supports us with everything we do. She works very hard and her lessons are always great fun!"





Miss M. Neate


Year 5 Leader & DT Manager

"Miss Neate is funny, caring and extremely intelligent. She is firm with her class and incredibly organised. She always helps us achieve more by setting us high targets!"




Mr S. Taylor

Year 3 Leader & Science Manager
"Mr Taylor is a great teacher because he helps us out with everything - homework, handwriting, anything! He's really good at helping us solve problems."




Mrs J. Robbins


Year 3 Teacher & RE Manager

 "Mrs Robbins is our new teacher. She's brilliant and really fun in lesson. She makes sure we're all okay and that there is nothing bothering us!"



Miss N. Kettle

Year 3 Teacher

"Our teacher is wonderful! She's so helpful and always knows what to do, even before we do! I can go to her for anything we need!"



Mrs V. Wilson




Year 4 Leader & Geography Manager

"Mrs Wilson is a lovely teacher and is great at teaching us! She is always there for you when you need her help."






Miss L. Archer

Year 4 Teacher and Eco Manager

"Miss Archer makes learning fun and is very funny! When we are sad she makes us happy. She makes us smile. Miss Archer is a great teacher and she helps us do our best in learning!"




Miss C. Parker

Year 5 Teacher

"Miss Parker is a great teacher! You wouldn't ever think that she was new! It's like she's been here forever, she already knows everything about us!"



Mrs K. Yeomans

Year 5 Teacher & Art Manager

"Mrs Yeomans is a fantastic teacher to be with because she lets us work with different people and she's always got a cheerful face. She is caring and kind and lets us do fun things in art!"



Mrs E. McNally


Year 6 Teacher and Music and History Manager


"Mrs McNally is a good teacher who helps us learn by helping us to do our very best all the time!"




Mr H. Byrne


PE Manager & Cover Staff


"Mr Byrne teaches us PE in the afternoons. His lessons are amazing and great fun - he gives us lots of green cards and teaches us PE skills."



Mrs N. Edwards


Cover Staff


"Mrs Edwards is very good at teaching us French, as well as other subjects, and she is extremely helpful! She is lovely and kind."



Miss B. Colley


Cover Staff


"Miss Colley is amazing in every way! She is caring and generous to all children she teaches!"



Mr J. Whiteaway

Cover Staff and Playleader


"He is really kind and he helps me with my writing and work. He listens when I have a problem and helps me."


Ms K. Booth

                        Cover Staff 


"Our new Cover staff member knows so much about PE and makes hockey really fun!"


Mrs M. O’Mahony


ELSA, Pastoral and Family Support Worker & Safeguarding Assistant

"She is a wonderful person! She is funky and funny to work with. She has an amazing personality that makes you want to learn, and always has a smiley face. She looks after the whole school, making sure new school children feel welcome and a part of our family."


Mrs T. Sargeant


ELSA & Playleader


"Mrs Sargeant helps me improve my English skills. She always reads us stories and together we use adjectives to describe the scenes. It helps me a lot."


Mrs B. Mason

Teaching Assistant & Librarian


"Mrs Mason helps us get books out and is up to date on the latest children's books. If you want to find a good book, speak to her!"



Mr J. Webb


Teaching Assistant & Playleader


"Mr Webb is really funny and kind. He is very helpful and a really good teaching assistant. Mr Webb is one of the best teaching assistants I've been helped by. He is great at poems!"



Mrs S.



Teaching Assistant


"Mrs Taylor-Foote cares for us and always helps us. She is very kind and, just like a doctor, has a lot of patience!"  



Mrs E. Hanvey-Walklet


Teaching Assistant


"Mrs HW is kind and helpful. She's always there for us!"



Mrs R. Hardiman-Dowding


Teaching Assistant, EAL Support & Playleader


"Mrs Hardiman-Dowding is kind and helpful, who always is happy to help me when I am stuck. She also is a first aider, and patches us up when we fall down."



Mrs J. Murphie


Teaching Assistant


"Mrs Murphie is our lovely, helpful Teaching Assistant! She is very hard working and considerate. She is incredibly generous and rewards good behaviour!"



Mr B. Saunders


1:1 Teaching Assistant, ICT Technician and Playleader


"Mr Saunders is always super good with computers! My teacher always calls him when there's something wrong, we need two of him!"



            Mrs C. Brooks

1:1 Teaching Assistant & Lunchtime Assistant


"Mrs Brooks is very kind - she is very smart and helps us lots with out works and any problems we have including our shoe laces!”



Miss C. Holmes

Apprentice Teaching Assistant and Playleader 


"Miss Homes is new but she already knows what she's doing! She's great at her job and she's very funny!"



Miss E. Bright

Apprentice 1:1 Teaching Assistant and Playleader 


"Miss Bright is a great Teaching Assistant! She helps me with my maths when i'm stuck! She must have lots of patience!"



Mr S. Jones

                 1:1 Teaching Assistant


    "Mr Jones is really smart and I really enjoy his help in my class!"



Mr N. Leworthy

1:1 Teaching Assistant and Playleader


"Mr. Leworthy is really funny and really helpful in class!"



Mrs G. Kaur

1:1 Teaching Assistant


"Miss Kaur is great with her 1:1! She has lots of patience and never gets frustrated at us! She's really helpful and fun to work around!"


Miss J. Slingsby

1:1 Teaching Assistant


"Miss Slingsby is very fun! She always knows what we need to do and is great with any friendship issues!"




Miss A. Tee

1:1 Teaching Assistant & Playleader


"Miss Tee is super helpful when doing our language links and she is a great Playleader"



Mrs C. Newman

1:1 Teaching Assistant & Playleader


"Mrs Newman is super helpful on the playground, she helps us out if we have any problems!"



Mrs S. Godfrey

1:1 Teaching Assistant & Lunchtime Assistant


"Mrs Godfrey is very helpful and kind - she is very patient!”



Mrs T. Jubb

Teaching Assistant & Lunchtime Assistant


"Mrs Jubb is great. She supports children with maths and English and also helps us out at lunch. Is there nothing this woman cannot do?!"



Mrs S. Early


Teaching Assistant & Lunchtime Assistant


"Mrs Early is great. She comes in to help me do my reading in the moring! I'm so thankful for her support!"



Miss N. Triggs

Lunchtime Assistant


        Mrs R. Smart

Lunchtime Assistant



Mrs R. Coffin






Office Manager & Bursar


"Our office team keep the school running smoothly. I can't imagine what would happen without them! They are so important to us!"



Mrs K. Munt








Admin Officer

"Our office staff are great! Without them there would be chaos at school!






Mrs T. Pearcey

Admin Assistant

"Mrs Pearcey can always help us when we need it! She helps my cuts and bruises and can make a hundred phone calls a minute."



Mrs L. Chowdhury



Classroom Support Assistant


"Mrs Chowdhury is extremely kind and very respectful. She is funny and makes sure things run smoothly in the school - a very valuable person!"



Mr A. Coates


Network Manager


"Mr Coates will fix anything you throw at him! He is always willing to give up his time to sort out anything to do with computers."



Mrs L. Brown


Lunchtime Assistant & Cleaner



Miss L. Kendall





Miss S Coutts






Mrs L. Painter





Mr P. Beasley




Our caretaker Mr Beasley is amazing! He is always helping to make our school a better place, and works hard to do this!